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Economic Development Stories
Economic Development Stories

Discover how cities and towns across the country have used economic development to build community wealth—without committing to huge tax incentives or long-term liabilities. 

How Does Your (Economic) Garden Grow?

Chris Gibbons, the originator of Economic Gardening, helps home-grown companies expand—rather than importing jobs from elsewhere— using Economic Gardening.

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Low-Cost Pop-up Shops Create Big Value in Muskegon, Michigan

It's amazing what we can do when we think small.

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Strong Towns Inspiration

Sending thanks to Strong Towns for the 2018 article on Muskegon’s Western Market. That article inspired us at the City of Batavia, IL to create a project of our own called Batavia Boardwalk Shops. These shops are to open at the end of May. I’ll send more pictures when completed. It was funded by a federal economic development grant, built by local volunteers and two were even built as part of the curriculum for our School District Building Trades program. Our MainStreet organization will oversee in tandem with our Farmer’s Market. Downtown business owners have also been excited and supportive.... (More)

Good Example of Public Investment in a Poor Neighborhood

The Fort Worth city council recently approved to invest $3 million in Rosemont, a historically disinvested neighborhood near downtown. City officials have partnered with Las Familias de Rosemont—Rosemont's neighborhood association—to guide investment, which will include sidewalks, curbs, and street lights.

When we write that poor neighborhoods make the best investment for municipalities, these are exactly the type of investments we encourage: low risk, high returning investments in our cities while improving the quality of life for people, particularly those who are not benefiting from the current approach.

As you have time, I encourage you to watch the video below... (More)