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Economic Development Tools
Economic Development Tools

How Does Your (Economic) Garden Grow?

Chris Gibbons, the originator of Economic Gardening, helps home-grown companies expand—rather than importing jobs from elsewhere— using Economic Gardening.

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Low-Cost Pop-up Shops Create Big Value in Muskegon, Michigan

It's amazing what we can do when we think small.

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Using Local Crowdfunding to Boost Community Wealth

In communities large and small across North America, residents brainstorm ideas to boost the wealth of their community. However, as elected officials shift their focus from homegrown entrepreneurs to major corporations, these may entrepreneurs lack the resources to act on their ideas.

Enter Strong Towns member @Bill Huston: a local crowdfunding legend (like, top 19 crowdfunding consultants in the world according to Inc. Magazine kind of legend), for over 15 years, Bill has helped strong citizens, community leaders, and non-profit organizations get funding for their community-boosting ideas.

Bill helps you do this not through a loan, nor through a... (More)