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Featured Stories
Featured Stories

Find inspirational stories of how Strong Towns advocates across North America have used Strong Towns principles to make their communities stronger. 

How do you maintain a strong town philosophy during the time of COVIC-19 and its spread.

Developing a sense of community has been based on a people-to-people approach to tackling issues. With Covid-19 spreading, our NY Governor suggests fewer people should be gathering.

Based on these issues how can we effectively move forward while keeping people safe?

How Paul Stewart Inspired His Neighbors to Revitalize Their Declining Neighborhoods

Block-by-block revitalization doesn’t have to be — and really shouldn’t be — dependent on huge grants and massive development projects. We call this the “trickle or the fire hose” cycle: a neighborhood can have virtually no reinvestment and redevelopment...and then suddenly undergo a transformation that leaves the place unrecognizable in just a few years.

So what’s a community to do? One approach is to follow the lead of Paul Stewart and the Oswego Renaissance Association (ORA) in Oswego, New York. The ORA provides small matching grants (up to $1,000 per home) and other resources to blocks of individuals who want... (More)