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If you don't follow Dongho Chang on Twitter, you should.

The Seattle DOT has the best city traffic engineer in the United States.  I'm not sure if he's aware of Strong Towns or not, but his use of small, incremental improvements and experimentation is spot on.

DIY blue light filtering of LED street lamps.

The city of Seattle was one of the first in the US to make the switch to LED street lighting. This was huge from an efficiency perspective - the LED lights are 30% more efficient than the high-pressure sodium lights they replaced.

However, there wa... (More)

To answer "can this project work in concert with a 6-lane strode?", yes. To answer the implied "does the Richmond Highway need to be widened in order to do this project?", I'd say that that depends on whether you're asking technically (no, it doesn... (More)

Crazy article from here in NC. Our state treasurer is calling for the resignation of the head of our DOT over massive spending to keep up expensive infrastructure.