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New Discussions

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Working Class and Strong Towns

Having read and enjoyed the book, one of the concerns I have about Strong Towns is that it seems to favor development in urban areas which are already being eagerly repopulated by the professional class, while writing off as economically... (More)

New Discussions

Case for self driving cars on shared vehicle network

I am a big fan of both Tesla the company and my cargo electric bike. As a (very small) shareholder I root for Tesla’s success. Part of that success is tied to production of fully autonomous self driving cars. However,... (More)

No. Mixed use development implies walkability, and there are a hundred other choices for that type of investment that are not fronting a multi lane highway cloaked with BRT and bike lanes.

The problem is that this design is auto... (More)

If you don't follow Dongho Chang on Twitter, you should.

The Seattle DOT has the best city traffic engineer in the United States.  I'm not sure if he's aware of Strong Towns or not, but his use of small, incremental improvements and experimentation is spot on.