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Kansas City vs. Lafayette return on investment

I enjoy the geospatial analyses done by Urban3. I'm curious about something, though—in Lafayette, the poorer neighborhoods are identified as the best ROI places, but in Kansas City, the poorer neighborhoods are shown to have a yield per acre almost 10X less than that of the rich neighborhoods. 

Does this challenge the conclusion that poor neighborhoods are always the best ROI? Or am I missing something?

National links: American suburbs could veer toward European-style urbanity

David G
Founder, Plan Together Community Map Platform

Discuss and Plan your Community on a Collaborative Map


I am long-time reader of Strong Towns, and I was suggested on Twitter to post here about my new tool.

I have recently finished the first version of Plan Together; a website which allows citizens to discuss and plan the future of their communities. Users are able to post items to a map, each tagged as a suggestion, news, criticism or praise. Other users can comment on these items; allowing ideas, understanding and unique viewpoints to surface. To better understand how this works, please visit the site.

Plan Together is my love letter to all those that... (More)

How do we think the current crisis will impact zoning?

As I've been walking around my neighborhood seeing many shuttered businesses and half-finished construction projects which, sadly, may not have the finances reopen and continue once the shut-down is over, I've been thinking about whether this pandemic might lead us to loosen zoning regulations in the hopes of allowing whatever economic activity is possible in the future. So many smart people (ex: this article) have been saying that now is the time for creativity and innovation when it comes to getting our economy back up and running.

I'm not a planner so I don't have a lot of technical... (More)