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Parking-related requirements in your city's zoning code shape how your city is built more than any other line of code. That's because most cities across the country have parking minimum requirements in their code—forcing developers to construct a certain number of parking spots based on the size and use of the development. 

The result: huge, empty lots of unused, financially unproductive space. (Don't believe us? Just check out our annual Black Friday Parking event.)

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Parking Forum

Lot too small for parking requirements.

We have a lot in our historic district that won't provide adequate parking per the zoning regulations. What are some realistic solutions to this?

Rodney RutherfordStrong Towns Member
Professional systems engineer. Community liveability evangelist. Armchair sustainability economist.

State-wide mandates for 'Strong Towns' ideals?

Usually Strong Towns doesn't recommend state-wide mandates (with very limited exceptions, like municipal debt limits). But which policies might be acceptable to encode at the state level? Here are a few I'm thinking about...

  • relying on the market to regulate... (More)

The Parking Reform Network

Officially launched this spring, the Parking Reform Network is a new non-profit organization with, in its own words, “a mission to educate the public about the impact of parking policy on climate change, equity, housing, and traffic. Its goal is... (More)

Zoning Stories

We forbid what we value most.

If our historic downtowns had to follow present-day parking minimum laws, they would never be built.

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