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Public Engagement
Public Engagement

Most public engagement is worthless. Attend any public engagement session and you hear the same public policy questions, missing the actual experiences of the people they wish to serve. 

At Strong Towns, we believe cities must humbly observe where people struggle. And, instead of crossing off another item on the traditional public policy questionnaire, address those struggles incrementally.

This page is dedicated to all conversations related to public engagement. Consider starting with one on the following: 

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Programs that encourage underrepresented groups to invest in their communities

My goal is to collaborate with policy and industry leaders to develop programs and incentives that will increase the opportunity for underrepresented residents to purchase properties, homes, or start businesses. Most importantly, market industry leaders to invest in community programs, such as cultural events, career mentor programs that will work with underrepresented talent, and career pathway programs for youth. 

Does any professionals have any stories on any successes that their cities accomplished in these types of programs? 

Jordan van der Hagen
Duluth Waterfront Collective Co-Founder, Landscape Designer

Growing Grassroots Support for a "Freeways to Parkways" Campaign.

Hi everyone - I'm new to this community, but was hoping to glean some advice from you all regarding the process of building grassroots support. I'm in a group which has put together a "freeways to parkways" concept for I-35 in downtown Duluth, Minnesota. We put together a website to showcase our concept and released it last week. Our main goal at this point is to grow our movement, create new partnerships, and further strengthen our concept. If anyone could offer any insights on good tactics to reach people and connect with potential supporters I would greatly appreciate it. You... (More)

How do you present a complete picture of a city, so residents understand the current issues and can get plugged into projects that make a difference?

I am looking for advice on a logical framework I can use to organize what is happening in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I want to connect the dots between "Here are the top priority issues our city faces" "Here are organizations, programs, and actions that seek to address those issues" and "Here is what individuals can do to make a difference"

The city has a brand new strategic plan. Local foundations, the chamber of commerce, and non-profits all have strategic plans and indicators. And, of course, everything is hidden behind layers of exclusive personal networks, speculative development, shell corporations, individual apathy,... (More)

David G
Founder, Plan Together Community Map Platform

New Tagging Functionality on Plan Together Map

Hello everyone, I wanted to share some news about my free-to-use collaborative map platform.

Plan Together now supports Tagging! This is a game-changing feature that makes Plan Together a lot more interesting and user-friendly. It allows you to categorize an Item by adding multiple tags to it. In effect, items are grouped together which allows for more exploration and organization. In addition, recently used tags appear on the home page. Check out my video to learn more:


See this new feature in action by looking at these Tag Feeds: