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Safe Streets
Safe Streets

The Strong Towns #slowthecars campaign is about the need to recognize that we can make our streets safer—and more productive—by slowing down traffic and focusing on the place. We need to build efficient roads (connections between productive places) and productive streets (platforms for wealth creation) and eliminate stroads (street/road hybrid, the futon of transportation).

This page is dedicated to all conversations related to safe streets. Consider starting with one on the following: 

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Grassroots Neighborhood Tree Committee

In my neighborhood (aptly named Oak Grove) there have been at least 10 large trees that have been taken down to stumps this year. I gather that it was mostly due to tree health. I am worried that these trees will be taken down, but none replanted. There are also a lot of old trees in this neighborhood that are nearing the end of their life. We are concerned that these large trees that provide canopy and shade in this neighborhood are being taken down but not replaced, and that a street that once was full of oak trees will... (More)

David G
Founder, Plan Together Community Map Platform

Discuss and Plan your Community on a Collaborative Map


I am long-time reader of Strong Towns, and I was suggested on Twitter to post here about my new tool.

I have recently finished the first version of Plan Together; a website which allows citizens to discuss and plan the future of their communities. Users are able to post items to a map, each tagged as a suggestion, news, criticism or praise. Other users can comment on these items; allowing ideas, understanding and unique viewpoints to surface. To better understand how this works, please visit the site.

Plan Together is my love letter to all those that... (More)

Safe Streets

Super Block

Safe Streets

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