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The Strong Towns Book Club
The Strong Towns Book Club

Join the Strong Towns Book Club to discuss your favorite chapters from the Strong Towns book, Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity   

The Strong Towns staff—including author Charles L. Marohn, Jr.—will spend January 2020 prompting discussions and responding to questions about chapters one and two in the following section: However, we also encourage you to start your own discussions, as well! 

You'll also find activities, such as Ask the Author, to give you a deeper look into chapters one or two. 

Want to ask a question or start a discussion about a different chapter other than one or two? Fantastic! Click the corresponding chapter in the Subtopics menu to share it and, while you're there, check out the referenced materials and activities scheduled for the coming months. 

Thanks for joining the Strong Towns Book Club!

Get people a copy of my book, because that's what I'm trying to communicate. Or just refer them to www.strongtowns.org1 and hopefully we can hook them into the conversation. I'm only half joking -- communicating the tradeoffs is what we're... (More)

Working Class and Strong Towns

Having read and enjoyed the book, one of the concerns I have about Strong Towns is that it seems to favor development in urban areas which are already being eagerly repopulated by the professional class, while writing off as economically... (More)

Charles MarohnStaff
President of Strong Towns

Is Incremental Growth Possible in 2020?

When I think about Chapter 1 and particularly Chapter 2 -- especially when I have spent a day being inundated by our modern news cycle (which I attempt to avoid) or the horse race of national politics in the digital... (More)