Throughout January, as we discussed concepts from chapters one and two of the Strong Towns book, Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity, readers submitted their most pressing questions for our first Ask the Author: a monthly webinar where author and president of Strong Towns @Charles Marohn answers your most pressing questions from each chapter of the book. 

In this webinar—Ask the Author: Chapters One and Two—author Charles Marohn answers the following questions: 

  • Chapters 1 & 2 of the Strong Towns book slay two sacred cows of the American suburb: 1) You can have it all without tradeoffs and 2) You don’t have to accept change if you don’t want to. Humans have a strong capacity for self-delusion in the face of uncomfortable news. How do we communicate the need for both managing tradeoffs and embracing neighborhood evolution in a winsome manner?
  • You mention the Land to Improvement ratio signaling redevelopment opportunities. Wondering if you have examples of actual ranges of ratios (like 3:1 or 4:1) you see for these in different cities across the nation right now? As I am not in the development industry, I don't know if these ratios are actually being used by developers to find potential opportunities.
  • What changes to zoning laws can help prevent inappropriate development, such as McMansions and other developments that don’t align with the scale of the neighborhood?
  • Is incremental growth possible in 2020?
  • Going into chapter three next week, what takeaways do you hope participants leave with as we discuss the concepts discussed in this chapter?

Throughout February, join the Strong Towns staff and readers across the globe as we discuss concepts from chapter 3. And, if you'd like to have Charles Marohn answer your questions during Ask the Author: Chapter Three, submit your questions through the following link: