Hello everyone! I'm a neighborhood president in Dayton, Ohio and we recently learned that a street (Philadelphia Dr.) on the edge of our neighborhood is being repaved and restriped. This 3/4mi stretch of road has been a constant source of accidents (60 in 2019, 3 fatal) and headaches for our neighbors. We wanted to do something about it, so we came up with a plan, and asked the city to do the same.

The city came back 3 weeks later with "We'll leave the lanes at 15 ft (West) and 21 ft (East) wide and paint solid double line where it is now", and we decided that wouldn't fly. They said that they can't take the parking on the east side of the street away without thorough community input.

The street is 36 ft wide, and there are 3 existing lights (Salem, Otterbein, & Cornell), all of which need left hand turn lanes. There is currently a vastly under-utilized parking lane on the East side which is not painted, and marked only through the use of no-parking signs in prohibited areas (it is not explicitly allowed by a sign anywhere). We would like to have turn lanes at these lights, and have bike lanes everywhere else, but want to make it as safe as possible. Does anyone have experience with these situations? I have looked and looked, but have not found any way to treat left hand turns with bike lanes in a limited space. The current project scope is limited to paint only, and curbs and existing ROW will remain. link to our rudimentary plan here: (publisher): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lXDnSKaKGCtCd8_lq3M-Bt0bNFhVjJBG/view?usp=sharing (pdf): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jcI3W81_7m_Zo144mTaEPyYE6V-5obIN/view?usp=sharing

I should also note that a 13 acre hospital site just north of our boundary was demolished, and will hopefully be redeveloped soon. Neighborhood input indicates mixed use of market rate housing, restaurants, shops, and parks are acceptable, but an alternate use as prefab office space would be acceptable too. A bike path also exists another 3/4 mi South of the boundaries of this project, and a new library is another 1/4 mi North of this project. The general area of the project is here: https://www.google.com/maps/@39.7820846,-84.2319069,15.83z

Additional neighborhood info can be found at www.daytonviewtriangle.com

Thanks in advance for all your help and input!