I am long-time reader of Strong Towns, and I was suggested on Twitter to post here about my new tool.

I have recently finished the first version of Plan Together; a website which allows citizens to discuss and plan the future of their communities. Users are able to post items to a map, each tagged as a suggestion, news, criticism or praise. Other users can comment on these items; allowing ideas, understanding and unique viewpoints to surface. To better understand how this works, please visit the site.

Plan Together is my love letter to all those that find cities and towns along with all their little and big details intriguing. To those that are passionate about the future of urban design and want to organize it for the betterment of our society. Whenever I take a walk in any city or town, I want to discuss specific urban features I see. That is what inspired me to make this; primarily an outlet for the urban enthusiast to channel their thoughts and ideas into the community around them. The spatial element turns abstract policies and ideas into a concrete 'here and now'. As I built it the idea eventually grew to encompass citizens and municipal governments. You can read more about Plan Together in my blog post: Why I Created Plan Together.

I am very excited about this project. It is my hope that by empowering users to talk about the world around them it can change their attitude towards their communities. Most people believe their voice and input end with their house or apartment; I want the scope of their belief to include their streets, parks, communities, and cities. As Plan Together grows and municipal officials and planners begin to use platform's information gathering and analysis tools, a new continuous, iterative, relationship-based urban planning paradigm will hopefully emerge.

Also, not all areas are currently enabled so if you'd like yours to on the map, please request them using this simple form:

Feedback is appreciated and I hope you have fun on Plan Together!