Across the continent, small-scale developers are investing in local housing and businesses in order to build up the economic prosperity of their towns. They are rehabbing broken-down homes, revitalizing neglected downtown and reshaping the future of their communities. 

Throughout this webcast, hosted by Gracen Johnson, you’ll be introduced to developers doing great work all over the continent, from Texas to Ontario including Brian Burnett, Sarah Cipkar, Kyle Gulau, Joel Dixon, Bernice Radle and Monte Anderson.

You can earn 1.5 AICP credits by completing this on-demand video. Be sure to watch the full video, contribute to the discussion on this page, and claim your credits here:

Discussion Questions:

  • Why is incremental development a powerful, accessible tool for places that want to become strong towns?
  • What guides the incremental development philosophy?
  • Why are time and scale important in incremental development work?
  • What are the best ways for developers to get started?
  • How can local government leaders support the work of incremental developers?