[You'll want to look at the street view on this one for context.] We're reconstructing New St here, and where it intersects with Broadway (SR48) there is a funky right-in-only car lane. Our ED Director asked me what I think about expanding car access through here and I honestly didn't know what to say. I appreciate the value of a full grid street system, but New St is definitely not a through street. However, this could provide a better route for residents of this neighborhood to access Broadway going north instead of being funneled to Warren St or Columbus Ave. The redesign wouldn't have to be a full-access intersection, either. We could expand it to just right-in-right-out or some other configuration, or cut off access entirely. There also could be a bike lane on the west side of Broadway in the near future, and adding bike amenities to this intersection (possibly in lieu of further car access) might have a chance of getting approval. Essentially, all options are on the table. What do you think?