Greetings ST members, I recently received a notification for an email from an organization that I follow that focuses on sustainability and food resources within my community, Green Umbrella. They were helping to motivate voters around a new bill proposing a tax increase of 0.8% on sales to provide a large (and needed investment) within my city, Cincinnati, and the larger county, Hamilton. 

I wanted to start a discussion to get all your thoughts on this proposal and to discuss the issues that I see as a community member! Link to bills informational website:

Some basic highlights that are from the website or other organizations that would gain from this bill passing (including our METRO):

  • Proposed 6 completely new 24/7 service lines -- currently have none
  • Increase the number of available cross-town route
  • Open up the discussion around the inclusion of 2 BRT lines in areas that have frequent users
  • Spending on Multi-Use Paths/Trails costing $162,586,926
  • A local tax break for a few different types of professionals within our community

I personally am a bit torn on this bill. I think that it will have last impacts if passed that could potentially provide members of our community with opportunities to access jobs and wealth. However, I also notice that there is a lot of "Preventative Maintenance" and Rehab needed to be covered as our infrastructure wains with age (Ohio get's plenty of snow and rain to help with that!) Rather then downsizing some of the expensive infrastructure that is going to continue to cost us to maintain, and decrease our wealth, we seem to be adding more of it with the addition of new roadways and intersections to come. I can't help but worry that as both my county and city continue to struggle to find capital resources to support the infrastructure we already have existing why is it that they are pushing to take on more?  

Strong Towns makes the case for making small bets to improve out towns, cities, and communities, but this bill appears to me like a pretty large bet... hope you all are continuing to stay well and healthy! And please let me know your all's thoughts on this proposal!