... And there's just so much wrong about this article! For context, the City of Abbotsford, where this mega-project is being proposed, is a 150,000 person city about 1 hour from downtown Vancouver, BC. 


From the article: ‘We are looking for true visionaries down the road’

City council’s discussions largely centred on the suitably of the location for such a high-density development and the possible financial risk the city could face for both the capital and operational costs of the infrastructure and amenities required.

“This has a lot of potential and a lot of excitement, but I need to know what are the unintended consequences of proceeding for our taxpayers. Are we putting our taxpayers at risk? Is there another way for us to look at this?” said Siemens, one of the councillors who voted against the project.

"But a majority of councillors believe the proposal, with its potential for immense positive economic impacts for the city, is worth further study and should not be outright rejected."

Councillor Patricia Ross also believed other municipalities “would jump at the chance, if not beg” ATD to bring their WeTown concept to their city, if it were to be rejected by Abbotsford.

“I think we’re kidding ourselves if we think that they aren’t going to take this concept and move it to a different community if they don’t get at least support today for us to investigate it and move it forward,” she said.