Does anyone have thoughts or experience with what might be called “Parallel Parking Speed Humps”?  Could speeds on automobile travel lanes adjacent to parallel parking spaces be slowed without actually reducing the designated lane width with "Parallel Parking Speed Humps”.  The "Parallel Parking Speed Humps” would be approximately 10 feet long, and could be spaced approximately 22 feet on-center to designate the length of individual parallel parking spaces - and extend partially into the automobile travel lane, approximately 3 feet beyond the width of a parked car.  The "Parallel Parking Speed Humps” would narrow the “preferred" automobile travel lane width, yet still allow large trucks additional lane width.  The "Parallel Parking Speed Humps” may also provide a safer area for drivers of parked automobiles to open doors for entry and departure.  I would welcome any critique of the concept.  A 10 foot long "Parallel Parking Speed Hump” might look something like this:  -Thanks!