Chuck observes that the excessive length of the infrastructure (pipes, curbs, etcetera) we often build, consequently, creates an unsustainable maintenance budget.  Is there a potentially good minimum total building square footage to street frontage ratio for economically sustainable development in a designated urban area?  Ballparking, it seems like a 2500 square foot townhouse with 25 feet of street frontage (100:1) might be in the ballpark of a good ratio.  Possibly, a good ratio may be as low as 50:1, based on a 2500 square foot detached residence with 50 feet of street frontage.  What if the base property tax was then calculated on the adopted minimum development ratio, even if the property was actually developed to a lower ratio?  This seems to approach an equitable allocation of fees necessary to maintain infrastructure.  Properties that are developed at higher intensities (such as with several parking spaces) might be taxed more than the base property tax due to the increased infrastructure maintenance costs.   Thanks!  -Gordon