I've started a spreadsheet here. Feel free to contribute.


Hi, I'm Matt and I have an idea that I was told had a common theme with ideas proposed by other members of this group.

I'm a software engineer, and am self-employed. A couple years back I stumbled upon a website and community called NomadList.com. It's a list of word wide cities with photos, videos, and a number of metrics that may relevant to the site's audience, who are known as digital nomads.

Digital nomads are a group of small business owners and freelancers who not only work remotely, but also enjoy frequent international travel. So, that site is geared towards metrics like safety, quality of internet, nightlife, the price of hotels and AirBnbs, etc. It's a great resource and one that helped me on a month-long stay in Thailand I took back in 2016. The community skews pretty young, and focussed on having the most fun in each destination, which is great.

I live in NYC now with my fiancé, and we're considering moving to smaller town to start a family in the future. Fortunately, we're not tied to any geographic area for our income, so we theoretically could move anywhere in the country. This has made me curious about trying to find or build a resource that is similar to NomadList in format, but is focussed on an audience that has different metrics in mind. 

I could imagine one would be interested in metrics like, local government processes, government financial analyses, zoning rules, real estate development resources, "Is this town financially unsustainable?" Even things like surfacing the fact that a group in Tulsa, OK with pay you $10,000 to move there to do remote work. Or that there's a car-free neighborhood in Tempe, AZ being built

If this is something you're interested in, I think the first step is to create a list of metrics that are reasonable to be able to get about a given town. I think the toughest aspect of this is trying to make apples to apples comparisons of towns(like comparing the finances of NYC to Tulsa), but it could provide some sort of filtering of population.

NomadList originally started as this spreadsheet, and I think we could work on something similar.

Let me know if this sounds interesting to you. cc/ @Jacob Moses @Charles Marohn