In this free webinar, Joe Minicozzi of Urban 3 will demonstrate how you can use local data and simple math to understand—and share—the impact of development on your town or city’s economic health. Minicozzi will present case studies that illustrate how cities and regions can better forecast fiscally sustainable development patterns, while also protecting sensitive natural lands and waters.

Discussion questions to consider as you watch the presentation: 

  • Communities can rapidly expand their infrastructure, encouraging more short-term growth through new subdivisions, big box stores, etc. How does this short-term growth hurt communities' chances of long-term prosperity?
  • Can you identify the most financially productive place in your community? Does it follow a traditional development pattern, as described by Joe in the presentation?
  • So your community has built more infrastructure than it could ever afford to ever maintain: what next step should your community take to dig itself out of this hole?

AICP members can earn 1 CM credit by completing this on-demand video. Be sure to watch the full video and claim your credits here: