Pondering a question that I'd like to turn into an article on the site, with some crowd-sourced help:

What design features, if you were in charge of your city's zoning code, would you completely ban? (If any?) Things that make you say, "There's just no excuse to build like this."

For example, one for me is parking garages with exposed, sloped floors. I was walking near my downtown a couple months ago and stumbled upon this view down an otherwise awesome residential street, and it made me mad (apologies for the low quality image):

Aside from the eyesore factor, sloped parking is effectively impossible to ever retrofit into other uses. You can sometimes retrofit a parking garage with level floors. This one is just doomed to look like this forever until someone tears it down, even if demand for parking were to plummet a decade from now.

My thought is, you don't have to even get into a debate about whether parking is necessary (I live in an auto-dependent place where pretty much everyone has a car) in order to say, "Sure, you can build parking for your new apartment complex if you want, but it can't be this kind."

What other things fall into this category for you—nobody should be building them, and no city should be allowing them—and why?