I work for a local municipality and walk/bike around my neighborhood. Through both I have seen a lack of route condition available to people walking/biking - e.g. a route near my house floods after rain storms but I have no way of knowing until I get there. And cities also lack a good way to get trail condition information - fallen tree limbs, flooding/mud, etc. So I started brainstorming a "waze for cycling" app that could help narrow the gaps in this information sharing to make walking and biking easier. As a long-time reader and supporter of Strong Towns, I would love to get feedback from the Strong Towns community - would it be beneficial or is it unnecessary? Are you using another app that solves this problem? What information are you missing or communications gaps are there that would make it easier to be active walking or biking?

I have more information on my website www.tandemtripapp.com (which also has a survey and link to Facebook) - I'd love people's comments and thoughts on the project. It's just at the start for now exploring needs and interest but may move into development if interest/demand is there.


The goal of the project is as follows:

"Safety, convenience, and reliability are primary concerns for cyclists whether commuting or riding recreationally. Through the development of an app-based online community, crowdsourced reports of obstacles on trails and other bike facilities can warn users of route conditions in real time. This includes report warnings like facility closures, flooding, potholes, construction, etc.

Partnering with local government and advocacy groups, a two-way communication platform is formed to map route conditions in real time, notify city staff of maintenance issues for quicker response, and allow city staff to notify users of construction closures or other events impacting facility conditions."