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Michael LewynStrong Towns Member
Associate Professor, Touro Law Center.
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I know some people on this group have worked for highway departments, so I thought they might be able to answer this question that someone asked in another group: "I am wondering if any of you have any knowledge/expertise regarding the relationship between the federal and state departments of transportation (or other agencies) in making decisions about the management of interstate highway medians. Specifically, how are decisions made regarding the placement or removal of trees/forests in medians, for the installation of the wire cabling you see on the sides of some interstates or the concrete barriers you see in the middle of the medians of others, and who makes those decisions? Do states predominantly make the decision to cut down a forest in the median and install a concrete barrier, with federal approval or merely financing, or does the federal government have significant input/control? Given the many different ways in which these medians are managed as I drive along I-10 from Texas to Florida, I am presuming the states have a wide range of discretion. "

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