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Dawn GoodwinStrong Towns Member
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Asked a question last year

A local real estate company has invited all the city council candidates (me included) to a breakfast "debate" they're sponsoring at the local Golf and Country club to find out how my candidacy will impact their industry. My slow-growth talking points have the old guard up in arms, I suspect they are going to try and mop the floor with my Strong Towns ideas. I have studied value per acre extensively - and I get it - but when pushed, I stutter. Math and engineering are not my strong suits, I can't afford an ArcGIS deskop and I fear my amateur data analysis is wrong. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to look at a few examples from my local tax assessors website and tell me if my value per acre analysis of mixed-use vs single residence is correct? Right now, they are tearing up the downtown area with dozens of new 275-450k homes in a neighborhood where the average house is 125k and in a city where the average income is 36k. I have a big opportunity to educate but I'm up against powerful real estate/ construction/ development interests in this town. I could really use some another pair of eyes on my numbers. Thanks!

Where am I?

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I'll take a look. Email me at ajkelsey@grandroyal.org39. when is the breakfast scheduled?

Louis BurnsStrong Towns Member
President at Urban Prosperity Network

I did a step-by-step analysis using the free open source QGIS:

If you've done a map you'd like reviewed, I can check it if you post a link to your data and output. Or if you have a list of questions you have trouble answering about the topic, you can post them here.