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Alex PlineStrong Towns Member
Chief Avian, Strong Towns Annapolis Birds of a Feather Group
Asked a question 4 months ago

Does anyone have references for Adequate Public Facilities criteria that are well suited for a small city (40,000) that has primarily infill development? Our APF criteria to me seems to have a genesis in typical suburban greenfield development. For example the Transportation section is focused on primarily automobility/LOS, and is being used as a NIMBY criteria for halting virtually all development. Clearly in a place with limited ROW, we are not going to (nor should we) expand any streets/roads. so other than nibbling around the edges with signalization technology, there is no way to meet these requirements. While we do have some transit options and we are mostly a compact 8 square mile area that makes it walkable and bikeable, people can not see a path forward to a substantial mode shift. If anyone is curious, this is the link to our APF code section:

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Paul CorderStrong Towns Member
City of Lebanon, TN Planning Director

This is old (16yrs) but it is what I use if I need something.  Arthur Nelson has been doing some good work in other areas of planning so I trust him a little more than some other sources.

Planner's Estimating Guide: Projecting Land-Use and Facility Needs by Arthur Nelson52