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Asked a question last year

Hello, I live in Duluth and Chuck Marohn is coming to visit us Dec 11. Our mayor doesn't follow ST and we are really lagging on bike infrastructure. I am looking for mayors of cities in the 90,000 to 120,000 range who are supporters of Strong Towns who I might interview for a pre-event op ed. If they are from MN or the Midwest, even better. I am looking for examples of how they have used ST to improve their communities in tangible ways.

Where am I?

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I think we wound up talking about this, but either way.... I did a bike ride with Duluth's mayor, who does follow Strong Towns, is an active cyclists, and whom I like. Obviously there is always room for improvement and decision-making is more than just a mayor, but I get the impression that she is an ally in both of both Strong Towns and of biking-advocates more broadly.