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Asked a question last year

I have been invited to address our local Kiwanis Club in a few weeks. I will have around 15-30 minutes for my talk. I hope to limit my speech to three main points. Does anyone have any suggestions for what key content to include to make the pitch for adopting a Strong Towns approach to securing the future for my town? Thanks for your help! I look forward to your replies!

Where am I?

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Excellent question and so cool that you get to share the Strong Towns movement with your local Kiwanis Club. Here are a few talking points I'd include in your presentation: 

Hope these help. And if you're interested in discussing this further before the meeting, feel free to email me at jacob@strongtowns.org34. I'd love to chat. 

John, reading the Kiwanis mission, they exist to support children's ability to prosper.  Given  that, I would say that support for comfortable,  safe, consistent and efficient pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure is essential for youth mobility. If you have an opportunity to seek funding from them, you could start with auditing those facilities and start planning for any needed strategic improvements.

Independent youth mobility is critical to ensuring they have the ability to  stay moving and healthy.  

I've started working with our local school district to introduce bicycle education into the physical education programs for elementary and middle schools. This could be a gym class for a week learning how to properly ride on streets.

Good luck. Next reach out to your local Rotary Club as they have civic/community strengthening values.

Charles MarohnStaff
President of Strong Towns

Feel free to steal any of my slides from the Curbside Chat presentation. Here's a link to the latest version45.

I like what James has suggested about child mobility. I'd anchor with that.

Then I'd switch to Taco Johns and the entire productivity argument. What is our most productive building type? A: Walkable places.

Then connect the two: We can create environments children prosper (your mission) but doing things that are good for our bottom line.

Then....Mic drop.




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