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Asked a question 7 months ago

I live in Lafayette, LA. I have questions but I don't know where to start. These two articles address things happening in my neighborhood. My first question is how to I even decide whether I support these initiatives or not? Where do I start my education on these? and I thought I had posted this sometime back but I can't find my post.

Where am I?

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this is a link to to the presentation by attorney Charles Landry made referencing La. RS 33:9038.31 (et. seq)26 for the Acadiana Planning Commission in Feb. Here’s the link:

Like Strong Towns, I don't support these EDD's.  Because , like the add says, basically it boils down to the EDD's are summed up in the advertising by Mr. Landry's law firm

"Economic Development Districts = Tax Dollars to Developers"

In other words the private developers and property owners benefit from new sales taxes collected from the consumer.  With no vote of the citizens.  And in the case of Lafayette EDD's no notice or discussion on the plan that has been in place but keep secret until the very last 2 council meeting.