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Asked a question 10 months ago

I've been a big Strong Town fan of the movement, podcast, and energy that everyone that's apart of the movement has had. I'm originally from a small town in North-Central, Ohio before moving to Cincinnati for school & work. Recently, my girlfriend and I have been debating some of the ideas and Strong Towns philosophy. I want to share with her some information around the movement that is concise and gets to the heart of the message of ST. My question to everyone is if you have any recommendations to what episodes or articles she and I could read to have a better more constructive conversation around the ST movement? Thanks all!

Where am I?

In Strong Towns you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

Hey Bryce, great to hear from you and fantastic question. Regarding information that gets to the heart of the Strong Towns message, a few articles immediately come to mind: 

You may also enjoy watching Chuck's Curbside Chat presentation, which he has shared with hundreds of communities over the past ten years. You can watch full presentations here:

Lastly, consider checking out this past debate with Chuck and Randal O'Toole:

Thanks Bryce and hope these help!