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Asked a question 10 months ago

Our firm has been assisting Boards of community associations (condos, planned developments, co-ops, etc.) since 1986. Now we are a national company with 12 offices with the experience of over 55,000 engagements. I heard Charles speak in Las Vegas last week at a conference. Inspiring. But I was wondering - is there an opportunity to align with the "Strong Towns" movement in some way, assisting municipalities interested in seeing their numbers, planning for their future, when that expertise is not available in-house! We've been doing this kind of planning for over 30 yrs, and have expertise and experience to offer.

Where am I?

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Thank you, Robert. I'm glad you were there and walked away inspired. I think the obvious answer to your question is: yes. I think the easiest way to start is to recognize that all of our content at www.strongtowns.org27 is Creative Commons licensed, which means you are free to share it, excerpt it, or copy it for your own work. So, if there is data or ideas or concepts that we've touched on that would benefit the places you are working, please feel free to steal liberally from us and use it to do good for local communities.