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Brenda JuarezStrong Towns Member
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Asked a question 9 months ago

This was during a town meeting a couple of months ago. We have a huge old creamery in the heart of our town and it is just falling apart now. More recently a bank has taken ownership and they want 400k for it! Community members I have spoken with say that the building and its grounds need so much work they find it hard to see what it can possibly become IF it could even be saved. While I definitely don't have the means to purchase this building myself, I do believe we need to find a way to try our best to preserve it's original structure and bring it back to life with something that gives back to our town and it's members. I asked the attendees of that meeting to post ideas and this is what I got. The question is just HOW? How do we go about restoration and then making sure it is something that is financially helping us? I've added some video links I found on youtube so you can see our little town. Please respond with any ideas you may have for me or recommendations on what I need to educate myself on first. Anything helps, no rush on the reply! Thank you again. town.

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Brenda-  I just took a Google maps tour of Loleta and it seems to have the potential to become a great resort destination!  First, I would say do not be concerned with the $400k the bank would like for the creamery.  The creamery only has value if the community finds a purpose for the town and the creamery.  I suggest you contact a university with architecture, planning, and finance programs that would be interested in making Loleta a two to five year student project.  The Pacific, rivers, forests, rail line and other historic buildings all add value to the great creamery building.  My first thought is that the creamery building could make several great maker spaces for surf boards, canoes, small sailboats, custom bicycles, brewery etcetera that could attract weekend visitors for workshop classes and custom made products.  Before looking for a university - inventory the many amenities within about 30 miles of the creamery, and draft a history of the creamery and and Loleta.  I look forward to bringing my granddaughter to Loleta in a few years.  -Gordon