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AMA: Confessions of a Traffic Engineer
AMA: Confessions of a Traffic Engineer
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Demolition by Neglect

What are some of the most effective ways to deal with "demolition by neglect"? Efforts toward downtown revitalization in our small town have been stymied by the fact that some of the most iconic, potentially valuable and productive properties - including the old movie theater - are owned by folks who have no interest (or money to invest?) in maintaining them. Short of a "hoarders" intervention (several storefronts are being used for storage), are there good models out there for changing this trajectory of decline?

Ask Me Anything: Confessions of a Traffic Engineer

In this Ask Me Anything webinar, Strong Towns president and founder Charles Marohn and the Strong Town team answer your most pressing questions in response to the Confessions of a Traffic Engineer presentation. 

Roland J ColeStrong Towns Member
Senior Fellow, Sagamore Institute for Policy Reseach

Strong Towns Alternative to New Freeway Lane?

I understand the "trap" of multiplying a change from 8.0 to 9.4 mph to get a big number. But, in roughly the same time frame as building the extra lanes to do that, what should a place like LA do? My wife grew up in "the valley" (as LA folks would say; here in Texas "the valley has to do the southernmost part of the Rio Grande).

The source feeding the road is NOT a compact circle, but a huge grid; the destination is NOT a compact downtown, but its own vast grid. It reminds me of taking a ferry... (More)

STROADS to Complete Streets with Roundabouts and restricted access


What are your thoughts regarding converting STROADS to “Complete Streets” with small Roundabouts and restricted access to the newly converted “Complete Street”?  The roundabouts, if spaced correctly, may be able to approach close to a uniform 20 miles per hour auto speed for a relatively high automobile traffic flow with a safe automobile speed to mix with bicycles and pedestrians.  The next question is how do we demonstrate that property values will increase with a "Complete Street".

Thanks-  Gordon