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AMA: Thriving on the Other Side After COVID-19
AMA: Thriving on the Other Side After COVID-19

Post the questions you'd like Chuck Marohn and Quint Studer to address Thursday, April 30 at 3pm Eastern. You can register for the webinar and watch it live through the following link:

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Norm Van Eeden PetersmanStrong Towns Member
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Am I correct in seeing layers of compatibility between Kate Raworth's "Doughnut Model" and Strong Towns thinking about resiliency and the pitfalls of our addiction to growth?

Forgive me if this ground has already been covered elsewhere - link me in the comments if so.

Over at The Guardian, a fascinating piece outlines the City of Amsterdam's commitment to follow the "Doughnut Model" proposed by Kate Raworth. It is touted as an alternative economic strategy that better accounts for the disparate needs of the vulnerable and takes into account the carrying capacity of our environmental and sociological systems.

From the article:

The inner ring of her donut sets out the minimum we need to lead a good life, derived from the UN’s sustainable development goals and... (More)

AMA: Thriving on the Other Side of COVID-19

In this Ask Me Anything webinar, Founder at the Studer Community Institute Quint Studer and Strong Towns president and founder Charles Marohn answer your most pressing questions in response to Quint's presentation, Thriving on the Other Side of COVID-19

Metrics for progress

I was interested in the metrics that Pensacola has used to show progress.  However, it takes time to see the needle move on those metrics and we're often asked to show progress within a single fiscal year.  As city planners, a big part of our job is facilitating relationships and building trust with various community groups, organizations and other agencies. Do you have any suggestions for metrics that can show progress for the more ephemeral aspects of our work?

Qualify of Life Survey

Can you go into more detail on the quality of life survey and how it's used? How do you get a community engaged? What steps have you taken? In your book you talk about getting wealth of the sidelines. What does that mean?