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Ask Me Anything
Ask Me Anything

Throughout the coming weeks, we invite you to use this page to share the most pressing questions you have faced as new challenges present new opportunities to build strong communities. Every Thursday, in a live webinar, Strong Towns staff and guest speakers will address the latest questions and give you the insights, resources, and encouragement you need to respond in a way that will make your community stronger. 

Join us for Ask Me Anything on Thursday, June 25 at 1pm Eastern. You can register through the following link:

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economics of development 201

in your experience, chuck, what does it take for cities to be receptive to the strong towns message? already be in long term decline? the message is not what they want to hear. and it takes considerable effort to compute... (More)

The INVEST Act receives high scores from T4America, but...

The INVEST Act receives high scores from T4America, but my use of the "find" tool to search for key language in the act's text didn't inspire confidence. But, I know legislation is like a rotten onion w references that layer... (More)

How would you improve this art product I'm developing for community leaders?

I'm an artist living in Kansas City, and I'm creating an illustrated guide that inspires community leaders to create places that heal the world, by giving them 10 illustrated stories for $49.

What's your impression of that product and how... (More)

AMA: Revitalizing Your Town from the Bottom Up

This week’s Q&A featured special guests Talicia Richardson (64.6 Downtown), Salvador Galdamez (York XL), and Martin Callahan (Batavia City Council), from our Tuesday, June 23 webcast “Revitalizing Your Town from the Bottom Up.”