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Ask Me Anything
Ask Me Anything

Throughout the coming weeks, we invite you to use this page to share the most pressing questions you have faced as new challenges present new opportunities to build strong communities. Every Thursday, in a live webinar, Strong Towns staff and guest speakers will address the latest questions and give you the insights, resources, and encouragement you need to respond in a way that will make your community stronger. 

Join us for Ask Me Anything on Thursday, August 13 at 1pm Eastern. You can register through the following link: 

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Can we pedestrianize our main street in Key West AND still allow some cars?

Thank you for Tuesday's thought provoking webinar. Your firm did our City's bike plan. Do you have recent North American examples of main streets that have been opened up to people yet still allow some cars. Many in my home of Key West want to close our main street to cars. Covid has ramped up that cry. Yet others can't fathom no cars and so we have been stuck for decades with a very car-centric Duval Street. Is there some sort of Woonerf style compromise as a start? Here's an article I did re: the background We'd appreciate any... (More)

I work for a small suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. Currently we are finishing up an update to our Comprehensive Plan ... you do and I appreciate the feedback.

How to know if my town is or going bankrupt

Can you show us how to determine which towns are going or already bankrupt? 


Thank you 

Value per acre analysis

I enjoy the value per acre analysis example between the Taco John and the adjacent, built out parcel but have what I think is a foundational question that underlies the analysis, at least for me. The question I always wonder about is, if there isn't enough residential density around the built out parcel to fully sustain itself with walk-in traffic (as appears to be the case) and it is assumed cars are necessary to bring customers in, how does the value per acre analysis take into account the required public land and public investment to provide public parking to serve... (More)