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Ask Me Anything
Ask Me Anything

Throughout the coming weeks, we invite you to use this page to share the most pressing questions you have faced as new challenges present new opportunities to build strong communities. Every Thursday, in a live webinar, Strong Towns staff and guest speakers will address the latest questions and give you the insights, resources, and encouragement you need to respond in a way that will make your community stronger. 

Join us for Ask Me Anything on Thursday, August 13 at 1pm Eastern. You can register through the following link: 

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What are simple ways a community can use the federal government's pandemic assistance to make themselves stronger, and ... pivot/reboot - and how can they start?)

Here is a Google Maps version of my city, Ferndale, WA. Addresses are marked by different color markers based on their Property Tax $ per Acre calculation. Check it out!

Small bets

I am interested in learning more about how to develop a plan and implement the small shop markets.  I would like to see how these ideas start and the steps you have taken to get them to come alive.   

I work for a small central Florida city with an evaporated Downtown. This idea could encourage future growth, similar to what was presented in Batavia. We have a growing Farmers Market In a Park near an non used building we could build upon. I Definitely want to glean from others sucessful implantation.

I work for a small suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. Currently we are finishing up an update to our Comprehensive Plan ... you do and I appreciate the feedback.