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AMA: Economics of Development 101
AMA: Economics of Development 101

Post the questions you'd like Chuck and other key members of the Strong Towns movement to address Thursday, April 2. You may also watch the webinar live through the following link:

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Are Canadian land tax rules like those Joe Minicozzi described?

1. Do you know if the land/ development tax structure is similar in Canada?

I am especially interested in the province of Ontario.

I have a feeling the approach may be different.


2. What questions should I ask to find out how our tax system (in this case I'm thinking my local municipality) treats land and buildings?


Subdivision of existing residential lots

I enjoyed your March 31st presentation, and your comment regarding allowing duplexes to be developed in existing detached single-family zoning districts.  I agree, but 20 years ago found it more politically acceptable to introduce an accessory dwelling unit provision.  However, we have not seen many homeowners take advantage of the ADU provision.  

Do you believe a code change that allowed the subdivision of an existing 90 foot wide parcel into two or three parcels for detached single-family homes would be potentially politically acceptable, and an attractive opportunity for developers?

What data do I collect to show potency of my bldgs?

What specific information would I need to gather to create at least a table showing the potency of my buildings compared to other buildings outside of my downtown? I am in FL and am wondering what information I pull from the property assessor? 

Karen HundtStrong Towns Member
Director, Community Planning & Design

zoning changes needed

Chuck - Since where and how we build is largely regulated by zoning, what do you think are some of the next smallest changes we should make to zoning to rebuild American propserity?