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Ask the Author #1
Ask the Author #1

Throughout January 2019, submit your questions about chapters one and two that you'd like the author, Strong Towns president and founder Charles L. Marohn, Jr. to answer in a live webinar on Thursday, January 30 at 12pm CST.

Click the following link to register for the webinar:


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Get people a copy of my book, because that's what I'm trying to communicate. Or just refer them to www.strongtowns.org1 and hopefully we can hook them into the conversation. I'm only half joking -- communicating the tradeoffs is what we're... (More)

Paul CorderStrong Towns Member
City of Lebanon, TN Planning Director

I am not a developer either but a City Planner. I use this number to see what parts of town are under preforming.

In one section on Main Street a lot of the improvement values are less than the Land... (More)