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Bike infrastructure is one of the most high return on investments a city can make. Yet, in cities across the country, we see transportation leaders continue to opt for more roads and wider lanes instead. 

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An Urban Planner’s Trick to Making Bike-able Cities

Key quote: Even for cities that didn’t previously have long term plans for cycling infrastructure, “it’s fairly easy to repurpose roads for cyclists,” says Jill Warren, co-Chief Executive Officer at the European Cyclists’ Federation in Brussels. “There’s different things they can do, repurposing roads for cyclists, lowering speed limits, creating car-free streets and giving incentives to purchase or repair bikes are all great ways to encourage cycling.”

Would a "waze for cycling" be beneficial to communities?

I work for a local municipality and walk/bike around my neighborhood. Through both I have seen a lack of route condition available to people walking/biking - e.g. a route near my house floods after rain storms but I have no way of knowing until I get there. And cities also lack a good way to get trail condition information - fallen tree limbs, flooding/mud, etc. So I started brainstorming a "waze for cycling" app that could help narrow the gaps in this information sharing to make walking and biking easier. As a long-time reader and supporter of Strong Towns, I... (More)

Kegan Sickels
President, Dayton View Triangle Federation

Can Bike Lanes and Left Turn Lanes Safely Co-exist?

Hello everyone! I'm a neighborhood president in Dayton, Ohio and we recently learned that a street (Philadelphia Dr.) on the edge of our neighborhood is being repaved and restriped. This 3/4mi stretch of road has been a constant source of accidents (60 in 2019, 3 fatal) and headaches for our neighbors. We wanted to do something about it, so we came up with a plan, and asked the city to do the same.

The city came back 3 weeks later with "We'll leave the lanes at 15 ft (West) and 21 ft (East) wide and paint solid double line where... (More)

Biking Forum

Trail terminus signage?

Is it a best practice to provide notice/signage at the terminus of a trail. I have biked on a local trail that ended on a major at a parking lot in an industrial park and I rode further into a cul de sac to find no continuation. As a first time user of this trail I found it very frustrating.