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Bike infrastructure is one of the most high return on investments a city can make. Yet, in cities across the country, we see transportation leaders continue to opt for more roads and wider lanes instead. 

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Kegan Sickels
President, Dayton View Triangle Federation

Can Bike Lanes and Left Turn Lanes Safely Co-exist?

Hello everyone! I'm a neighborhood president in Dayton, Ohio and we recently learned that a street (Philadelphia Dr.) on the edge of our neighborhood is being repaved and restriped. This 3/4mi stretch of road has been a constant source of... (More)

Would a "waze for cycling" be beneficial to communities?

I work for a local municipality and walk/bike around my neighborhood. Through both I have seen a lack of route condition available to people walking/biking - e.g. a route near my house floods after rain storms but I have no... (More)

Biking Forum

Trail terminus signage?

Is it a best practice to provide notice/signage at the terminus of a trail. I have biked on a local trail that ended on a major at a parking lot in an industrial park and I rode further into a... (More)

I'm working on several Cycling and Active Transportation Plans right now - how are others incorporating a Post-COVID reality into these documents?

I work for a small nonprofit, and we are subcontractors on a number of different Cycling and Active Transportation Plans that have been in the works for a while now. A lot of what I do is bring the social... (More)