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I'm working on several Cycling and Active Transportation Plans right now - how are others incorporating a Post-COVID reality into these documents?

I work for a small nonprofit, and we are subcontractors on a number of different Cycling and Active Transportation Plans that have been in the works for a while now. A lot of what I do is bring the social lens to these plans - the emphasis on creating programs and projects that support the development of a community around walking and cycling, while also encouraging infrastructure improvements.

What I'm struggling with right now is the degree to which we should be including discussions around the COVID crisis in these documents. To not do so seems disingenuous and, in my... (More)

Kegan Sickels
President, Dayton View Triangle Federation

Can Bike Lanes and Left Turn Lanes Safely Co-exist?

Hello everyone! I'm a neighborhood president in Dayton, Ohio and we recently learned that a street (Philadelphia Dr.) on the edge of our neighborhood is being repaved and restriped. This 3/4mi stretch of road has been a constant source of accidents (60 in 2019, 3 fatal) and headaches for our neighbors. We wanted to do something about it, so we came up with a plan, and asked the city to do the same.

The city came back 3 weeks later with "We'll leave the lanes at 15 ft (West) and 21 ft (East) wide and paint solid double line where... (More)

Biking Forum

Trail terminus signage?

Is it a best practice to provide notice/signage at the terminus of a trail. I have biked on a local trail that ended on a major at a parking lot in an industrial park and I rode further into a cul de sac to find no continuation. As a first time user of this trail I found it very frustrating.

Paul CorderStrong Towns Member
City of Lebanon, TN Planning Director

This is a video from the Iowa DOT.

This is from Jeff Speck.

Both are great. I had a 4 to 3 conversion proposed but it did not get approved. The Iowa video would have been helpful because the emergency responders claimed it would be harder to get through the traffic and that is addressed in the Iowa video. Unfortunately, I did not know about these at the time. The local business owners did seem to understand that the conversion would make it easier for customers to get in and out of their businesses. If you could get... (More)