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Coronavirus: How Community Heroes Have Responded
Coronavirus: How Community Heroes Have Responded

In response to the coronavirus, billions of people across the globe have shifted how they interact with their communities. Public squares sit empty. Restaurants have closed their dining halls. And students continue their studies at home. These essential shifts encouraged by municipalities and the media alike have stymied the spread of the virus—the ultimate goal, undoubtedly. 

But zoom in on these communities and you'll discover another contributor to the story: citizens from all walks of life—from citizens to leaders, professionals to neighbors, and everyone in between—taking action to serve their peers in need. Think the resident delivering a meal to their home-ridden neighbor; or the local government ensuring its homegrown businesses stay afloat. 

That's why, through stories, podcasts, and resources from members of the Strong Towns Community, we'd like to use this page to celebrate those citizens. As you humbly observe where your neighbors struggle in the coming weeks, we hope these citizens will inspire you to consider the responsible, neighborhood-level action, to serve your peers, as well. 

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