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Brenda- I just took a Google maps tour of Loleta and it seems to have the potential to become a great resort destination! First, I would say do not be concerned with the $400k the bank would like for the creamery. The creamery only has value if the community finds a purpose for the town and the creamery. I suggest you contact a university with architecture, planning, and finance programs that would be interested in making Loleta a two to five year student project. The Pacific, rivers, forests, rail line and other historic buildings all add value to the great... (More)

Retrofitting apartment complex blocks to be micro-neighborhoods

This is very long but I've thought about it for quite a while and want to get feedback on my thoughts. Vindication, pushback, whatever comes to mind would be great.

The popular, common mixed use apartment complex is often inflexible, poorly executed and isn't built for the needs of the community. Where it makes sense, you should be able to fix a lot of these issues by just taking normal units in an existing complex, making them more flexible in use and allowing in contract for a unit to be used for housing, business or both.

I live in a... (More)

Loleta, California

Brenda- The center of Seaside, Florida, is an open air amphitheater, which provides a venue for weekend performances.  The people attracted to performances will be potential customers for artisans that have located in the former creamery.  It looks like there may be a few sites suitable for open air amphitheaters near the downtown. -Gordon