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Cities across the country are facing a housing crisis. Developers build more towering apartment buildings, yet the crisis persists. 

At Strong Towns, we believe cities must adjust zoning laws to allow for more choices within the marketplace, while simultaneously encouraging small-scale incremental development to empower local residents and increase community wealth.

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Project Manager

Hey David,

     I don't know of any small house communities in South Georgia currently, but do know that Tiny House ATL/ Microlife Institute is building a small development of tiny homes in Clarkston, GA. 5

Andrew Clum
Assoc. AIA, Urban3 Analyst

Is there a map of this? My concern is that "creating a downtown" nowadays often means up-zoning a fringe area that is not at all in a central location. This leads me to ask, is there "a mobile home park... where a downtown would go" or is there a '... (More)

Where do you live? Do you have a huge housing crisis? Personally I think that sounds like a lot of low income. Not that I lean NIMBY, but we need to stop lumping lower income and poor people together and help them live distributed across a healthy,... (More)

Has anyone performed a housing survey or market feasibility study? I think it's helpful to go back to basic supply/demand economics to begin searching for answers (relative to the mix of low income/market rate housing). Often, we tend to focus on t... (More)