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Lesson 3-2: Incremental Investments
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Rodney RutherfordStrong Towns Member
Professional systems engineer. Community liveability evangelist. Armchair sustainability economist.

State-wide mandates for 'Strong Towns' ideals?

Usually Strong Towns doesn't recommend state-wide mandates (with very limited exceptions, like municipal debt limits). But which policies might be acceptable to encode at the state level? Here are a few I'm thinking about...

  • relying on the market to regulate the supply of parking and eliminate minimum parking requirements.
  • making streets safer for all people.
  • allowing the next increment of building in all developed urban areas by right, enabling (1) smaller development where larger development is currently required but perhaps not yet viable, and enabling (2) incremental increases in the intensity of use where no growth is currently allowed.
  • allowing... (More)
Norm Van Eeden PetersmanStrong Towns Member
Pastor | Model Train Enthusiast | West Coast Liberal Conservative

When small changes are impossible or impractical, the only thing we'll see in our cities are big changes.

Listening to the It's the Little Things  podcast last night with Shawn Reilly on vision blocks in Louisville, I was struck by the weight of the observation that the cost of blocking small change in communities is that all you're going to be left with is big changes. We blithely accept restrictions on normal, small-stuff changes and then we can't figure out why all that seems to come up these days in our cities are massive developments of luxurious housing for non-residents.