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Municipal Finance
Municipal Finance

The core of the Strong Towns Movement is to ensure municipalities do the math on all of their investments. Because, too often, we see municipalities fall into the illusion of wealth. Municipalities get the immediate revenue from the investment, sure—but it doesn't cover the long-term maintenance. 

At Strong Towns, we believe cities should shift their focus from the mega-project that require overwhelming use of public infrastructure to small, incremental investments that can positively transform everything about how we live our lives.

This page is dedicated to all conversations related to municipal finance. Consider starting with one on the following: 

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Moneyball For Cities

In the movie Moneyball, there is a great scene where Billy Beane talks about the importance of a batter getting on base. The On Base Percentage (OBP) is the only thing he cares about when discussing potential players. Strong Towns... (More)

Investing in existing neighborhoods can be a mistake, too.

I wanted to share with you some analysis of a capital improvement project happening in my town, on my own street actually. While I firmly believe in the principle of maintaining what you have, I wanted to use this project... (More)

How best to engage citizens on a city's budget proposal and/or process?

It's overwhelming at best...our city has put out a simplified budget with colorful graphs and a survey to take. The budget meetings are on you tube, and very long and drawn out.  Thank you!

Tale of Two Sewer Plants

The City of Greenville is a rural town located in western Georgia about 50 miles southwest of Atlanta. In 1980, the City built a sewerage system to meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act. Prior to this project, only... (More)