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Municipal Finance Tools
Municipal Finance Tools
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David G
Founder, Plan Together Community Map Platform

Discuss and Plan your Community on a Collaborative Map


I am long-time reader of Strong Towns, and I was suggested on Twitter to post here about my new tool.

I have recently finished the first version of Plan Together; a website which allows citizens to discuss and plan the future of their communities. Users are able to post items to a map, each tagged as a suggestion, news, criticism or praise. Other users can comment on these items; allowing ideas, understanding and unique viewpoints to surface. To better understand how this works, please visit the site.

Plan Together is my love letter to all those that... (More)

Create Your Own Value Per Acre Analysis

In our second member-led webinar, Strong Towns member Andrew Kelsey demonstrated how you can create your own tax value per acre analysis: an analysis through ArcGIS Pro that gives you a visual of the the tax revenue generated per development, per acre.

Andrew goes step-by-step through the process and teaches you everything you need to know to create a value per acre analysis for your own city or town, including:

  • how to find parcel data for your own city or town.
  • how to import the data into ArcGIS Pro.
  • how to format the analysis so you can share it with... (More)

How to Calculate and Visualize Value per Acre in Your City

Strong Towns member @Louis Burns shares how you can use QGIS—an open-source mapping application—to calculate and visualize the tax value per acre of developments in your community. 

Find the tutorial here:

Memphis’s U-Turn: How the City is Committing to a Stronger Future

Equipped with “grit and grind”—but also with a whole lot of good data on the financial consequences of past development decisions—Memphis, Tennessee is taking smart steps toward a bottom-up renaissance. Just ask its Chief Operating Officer, Doug McGowen.

Read the post: