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New Questions

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I've started a spreadsheet here. Feel free to contribute.


Hi, I'm Matt and I have an idea that I was told had a common theme with ideas proposed by other members of this group.

I'm a software... (More)

Since you're in Texas, I may be able to direct you to the information you need without a FOIA request. It depends on the level of detail you're wanting.

You don't need to name your town, but what information are... (More)

I've been finding in conversations with the staff of my city that the capability to even capture all of those long term liabilities doesn't exist. They are working on some new systems to do so, but I would not be... (More)

Jordan van der Hagen
Duluth Waterfront Collective Co-Founder, Landscape Designer

Growing Grassroots Support for a "Freeways to Parkways" Campaign.

Hi everyone - I'm new to this community, but was hoping to glean some advice from you all regarding the process of building grassroots support. I'm in a group which has put together a "freeways to parkways" concept for I-35... (More)