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New Questions

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Hey Meredith, thanks so much for contributing to the Strong Towns Community site! I'm unfamiliar with TIP—could you tell us a little more about it? 

Project Manager

Hey David,

     I don't know of any small house communities in South Georgia currently, but do know that Tiny House ATL/ Microlife Institute is building a small development of tiny homes in Clarkston, GA. 5

Rick SmithStrong Towns Member
Citizen - Strong Towns Advocate

Glenn Blackwood of Strong Indy just posted this story about the topic on FB. 

It details the start up of just such an operation.


I start with pencil and paper. If I find it's complex enough to require software I'll move to AutoCAD because I'm familiar with it through my work, but I find sketchup is easier to learn and would recommend that to anyone without prior modelling ex... (More)