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New Questions

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I've started a spreadsheet here. Feel free to contribute.


Hi, I'm Matt and I have an idea that I was told had a common theme with ideas proposed by other members of this group.

I'm a software engineer, and am self-employed. A couple years back I stumbled upon a website and community called It's a list of word wide cities with photos, videos, and a number of metrics that may relevant to the site's audience, who are known as digital nomads.

Digital nomads are a group of small business owners and freelancers who not only... (More)

I'm working on several Cycling and Active Transportation Plans right now - how are others incorporating a Post-COVID reality into these documents?

I work for a small nonprofit, and we are subcontractors on a number of different Cycling and Active Transportation Plans that have been in the works for a while now. A lot of what I do is bring the social lens to these plans - the emphasis on creating programs and projects that support the development of a community around walking and cycling, while also encouraging infrastructure improvements.

What I'm struggling with right now is the degree to which we should be including discussions around the COVID crisis in these documents. To not do so seems disingenuous and, in my... (More)

Brenda- I just took a Google maps tour of Loleta and it seems to have the potential to become a great resort destination! First, I would say do not be concerned with the $400k the bank would like for the creamery. The creamery only has value if the community finds a purpose for the town and the creamery. I suggest you contact a university with architecture, planning, and finance programs that would be interested in making Loleta a two to five year student project. The Pacific, rivers, forests, rail line and other historic buildings all add value to the great... (More)

Jordan van der Hagen
Duluth Waterfront Collective Co-Founder, Landscape Designer

Growing Grassroots Support for a "Freeways to Parkways" Campaign.

Hi everyone - I'm new to this community, but was hoping to glean some advice from you all regarding the process of building grassroots support. I'm in a group which has put together a "freeways to parkways" concept for I-35 in downtown Duluth, Minnesota. We put together a website to showcase our concept and released it last week. Our main goal at this point is to grow our movement, create new partnerships, and further strengthen our concept. If anyone could offer any insights on good tactics to reach people and connect with potential supporters I would greatly appreciate it. You... (More)