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A Wealth of Great New Podcasts

Seems like the last six months have seen the launch of a bunch of great new podcasts. I'm thinking about doing a roundup for the .org site. Here are the ones that are top of mind. What am I missing?... (More)

How do we think the current crisis will impact zoning?

As I've been walking around my neighborhood seeing many shuttered businesses and half-finished construction projects which, sadly, may not have the finances reopen and continue once the shut-down is over, I've been thinking about whether this pandemic might lead us... (More)

Reviving the CCC for a new era?

I stumbled upon this New York Times op-ed with an interesting proposal, and shared it on social media but also thought it would be a great one to put to the Strong Towns community for discussion:

In it, Collin... (More)

Would a "waze for cycling" be beneficial to communities?

I work for a local municipality and walk/bike around my neighborhood. Through both I have seen a lack of route condition available to people walking/biking - e.g. a route near my house floods after rain storms but I have no... (More)