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Would Your City Adopt a Parklet Program?

Exciting news out of Dallas, Texas: The City of Dallas recently announced that they will launch a temporary parklet program, allowing businesses to transform parking spaces into outdoor seating. As we wrote in our recent covid-response piece, Nine Things Local Governments Need to Do Right Now in Response to the Pandemic, low-lift interventions such as parklets encourage people to responsibly engage with their neighborhoods while supporting their local businesses.

For reference, here's a sketch of a proposed parklet in Bishop Arts, a neighborhood in Dallas.

I'd love to hear from you: If your city adopted a parklel program,... (More)

Bailouts for States

Since I've pretty much proven that conversation of this important issue is not possible on any social media platform (I just loath how partisanship seeps into everything) I'm going to share an article and some thoughts here.

Here's Treasury Secretary Mnuchin talking about how poorly run states shouldn't be bailed out. From the article:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said states that had poorly managed budgets before the Covid-19 outbreak sent their economies reeling should not be rescued by the federal government.

“This isn’t just going to be a federal bailout of the states,” Mnuchin said early Tuesday on CNBC.... (More)

An Economic Dunkirk Plan? Good grief.

Governing recently ran an opinion piece by a veteran of past economic crisis in California called An Economic Dunkirk Plan for Saving State Economies. I liked the metaphor and so I read the article.

There is some stuff worthy of discussion in it -- and I do think the notion of rescuing the stranded so they can live to fight again another day is also worthy of discussion -- it was tough to read an opinion with so little reflection.

Here's a quote I got stuck on (and note that he's talking about state governments):

"The main thing to... (More)

Would a "waze for cycling" be beneficial to communities?

I work for a local municipality and walk/bike around my neighborhood. Through both I have seen a lack of route condition available to people walking/biking - e.g. a route near my house floods after rain storms but I have no way of knowing until I get there. And cities also lack a good way to get trail condition information - fallen tree limbs, flooding/mud, etc. So I started brainstorming a "waze for cycling" app that could help narrow the gaps in this information sharing to make walking and biking easier. As a long-time reader and supporter of Strong Towns, I... (More)