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Parking-related requirements in your city's zoning code shape how your city is built more than any other line of code. That's because most cities across the country have parking minimum requirements in their code—forcing developers to construct a certain number of parking spots based on the size and use of the development. 

The result: huge, empty lots of unused, financially unproductive space. (Don't believe us? Just check out our annual Black Friday Parking event.)

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Hey Michelle, great question. At Strong Towns6, we've created a map that shows all of the places in North America that've eliminated (or taken steps towards eliminating) their parking minimums. You can find the map here:

Paul CorderStrong Towns Member
City of Lebanon, TN Planning Director

We have a similar problem in our downtown. People keep asking for more parking. Within a block of our square there are several huge vacant parking lots. I have noticed that our square has a lot of cars parked but... (More)

Hey Ethan, thanks so much for sharing this struggle with us. Of course, the entire Strong Towns Community empathizes and understands how challenging it is to educate peers about parking issues (and how we already have way too much parking).... (More)

Nathan ChungStrong Towns Member
Graduate Student of Regional and Urban Planning

The Pioneer Valley region in Western Massachusetts implemented a rental e-bike system with docks called Valley Bikes as a way to reduce car dependency. Towns like Amherst, which is still very much car-dependent, do have provisions in their zoning code... (More)