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Parking-related requirements in your city's zoning code shape how your city is built more than any other line of code. That's because most cities across the country have parking minimum requirements in their code—forcing developers to construct a certain number of parking spots based on the size and use of the development. 

The result: huge, empty lots of unused, financially unproductive space. (Don't believe us? Just check out our annual Black Friday Parking event.)

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Hey Mike, we don't have data on the value of a parking space; however, we have documented the cost to construct parking space—about $5,0000-$10,000—plus additional costs of parking: (More)7

You Can't Make It Up

When Strong Towns President Chuck Marohn's school district proposed tearing down buildings for parking, he and others suggested there were more creative and less destructive ways to solve these problems. They were scoffed at, and they lost. Hate to... (More)

Peoria's Parking Problem

What happens when you fill your city with parking? Lots and lots of low value land, and not much else.

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Parking has dramatically shaped our cities (and not in a good way).

Vox just came out with a highly illuminating video about parking that cuts through the usual professional jargon and explains the heart of the problem in a way that just about anyone could understand: