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Parking-related requirements in your city's zoning code shape how your city is built more than any other line of code. That's because most cities across the country have parking minimum requirements in their code—forcing developers to construct a certain number of parking spots based on the size and use of the development. 

The result: huge, empty lots of unused, financially unproductive space. (Don't believe us? Just check out our annual Black Friday Parking event.)

This page is dedicated to all conversations related to parking. Consider starting with one of the following: 

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Chris PetersStrong Towns Member
Director: Downtown Stillwater Association

It’s finally happening. Parklets in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

It’s been amazing how this pandemic has accelerated Parklets as a solution for more useable space for social distancing. Business owners are slowly starting to get it. Our City rolled out an emergency order that allowed a temporary, super low cost process to convert on street parking to dining and walking space.

Our college town has become a hot spot of infections Thankfully hospitalizations are manageable. Bars have recently been ordered to 50% capacity so they have naturally become the first to implement crude Parklets with jersey barricads and privacy fencing.

I urged City Planning to bring community stakeholders early... (More)

What design features should cities entirely stop approving in new buildings?

Pondering a question that I'd like to turn into an article on the site, with some crowd-sourced help:

What design features, if you were in charge of your city's zoning code, would you completely ban? (If any?) Things that make you say, "There's just no excuse to build like this."

For example, one for me is parking garages with exposed, sloped floors. I was walking near my downtown a couple months ago and stumbled upon this view down an otherwise awesome residential street, and it made me mad (apologies for the low quality image):

Aside from the eyesore factor, sloped... (More)

Hall BlockStrong Towns Member
Property Manager, Van Wert County Foundation

What do you think of a new parking authority?

Hey, folks.

If you haven't heard about the project I've been managing, check out our project site here:

This is a multi-year, multi-phase project driven by the non-profit county foundation I work for to take some of Van Wert's blighted and neglected downtown and revitalize it to be a vibrant and thriving place.

The question I have relates to parking, as most folks around here would say we have a parking problem. Parking supply is clearly not the issue, though, as we have well over 1000 spaces just downtown in a town of ~10,000. We do need to plan... (More)

Guide to Parklets

Parklets are having a moment in 2020, and here's a helpful guide if you know of anyone looking to get started.