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Watch the full recordings of presentations from the Strong Towns staff, plus presentations from Strong Towns advocates across North America sharing community-boosting stories with their communities. 

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Revitalizing Your Town from the Bottom Up

This panel discussion brings together three community leaders from different sectors who are doing inspiring work to revitalize their small cities: Talicia Richardson, Executive Director of 64.6 Downtown in Fort Smith, AR; Salvador Galdamez, Founder of York XL in York,... (More)

AMA: Revitalizing Your Town from the Bottom Up

This week’s Q&A featured special guests Talicia Richardson (64.6 Downtown), Salvador Galdamez (York XL), and Martin Callahan (Batavia City Council), from our Tuesday, June 23 webcast “Revitalizing Your Town from the Bottom Up.”

AMA: Open for Whom (with Toole Design)

In this free webcast, Tamika Butler, Esq, Jason DeGray P.E., PTOE and Kristof Devastey, P.E., PTOE, PTP of Toole Design discussed equitable, ethical, and empathetic approaches to “open streets” recovery initiatives. This was a Q&A session following a prior webcast... (More)


Open for Whom? Streets as a Platform for Recovery

Crisis precipitates change. The novel Coronavirus has transformed our lived experience in the blink of an eye, generating mass uncertainty and economic upheaval while laying bare the inequities in America. As we witness the struggle to maintain a sense of... (More)