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Watch the full recordings of presentations from the Strong Towns staff, plus presentations from Strong Towns advocates across North America sharing community-boosting stories with their communities. 

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Webcast - Missing Middle Housing: Thinking Big and Building Small to Respond to Today's Housing Crisis

Check out this recording of a recent Strong Towns webcast about missing middle housing, featuring Daniel Parolek, founder of Opticos Design and one of the foremost urban designers and architects working to meet the growing demand for walkable urban living.

The Economics of Development 101 with Joe Minicozzi

In this free webinar, Joe Minicozzi of Urban 3 will demonstrate how you can use local data and simple math to understand—and share—the impact of development on your town or city’s economic health. Minicozzi will present case studies that illustrate how cities and regions can better forecast fiscally sustainable development patterns, while also protecting sensitive natural lands and waters.

Discussion questions to consider as you watch the presentation:

  • Communities can rapidly expand their infrastructure, encouraging more short-term growth through new subdivisions, big box stores, etc. How does this short-term growth hurt communities' chances of long-term prosperity?
  • Can you identify the... (More)

AMA: Dan Parolek on Missing Middle Housing

In this webcast, Daniel Parolek, founder of Opticos Design and author of the new book Missing Middle Housing: Thinking Big and Building Small to Respond to Today's Housing Crisis, answers your questions.

The Local Leader's Toolkit: A Strong Towns Response to the Pandemic Webinar

Local leaders are on the front lines of our nation’s response to the health and economic crises created by COVID-19. You’re being forced to adapt to new realities in an environment where the individuals, families, businesses, and civic organizations in your community are under extreme stress.

Five years now, certain communities will stand out as the towns and cities that emerged strongest from the pandemic. And everyone will know the names of the local leaders who responded to the crisis with courage, wisdom, and vision.

In this free webinar, Strong Towns president Charles Marohn will describe the three phases of... (More)