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Public Engagement
Public Engagement

Most public engagement is worthless. Attend any public engagement session and you hear the same public policy questions, missing the actual experiences of the people they wish to serve. 

At Strong Towns, we believe cities must humbly observe where people struggle. And, instead of crossing off another item on the traditional public policy questionnaire, address those struggles incrementally.

This page is dedicated to all conversations related to public engagement. Consider starting with one on the following: 

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In a small town I've found that a citizen advisory board that helps with strategic planning and only meets 2-4 times a year can be helpful, mainly to "try" out members that can be then moved to official boards (zoning,... (More)

I agree with previous posters about “official boards.” They seem to devolve into patronage delivery vehicles and frustrate the participants that want to get work done. Many also prevent members from discussing topics with each other due to government sunshine... (More)

Speaking from my small city, they can have numerous problems if they are not used correctly. My city council creates them but gives them little direction and rarely any time frame so nothing happens.
The city manager suggested creating one... (More)

In Atlanta, we have a storied system of Neighborhood Planning Units, established by Mayor Maynard Jackson in the 70s. While the goal (give every neighborhood a voice in City Hall beyond their council district representative) is noble, in reality, the... (More)