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Public Transit
Public Transit

Public transportation can help connect productive places. However, too often we see transportation leaders opt for build-it-and-they-will-come transportation projects—costing the cities millions with little return on investment. 

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Public Transit

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Public Transit


Does anyone know of examples of pedicabs making a significant impact?  Pedicabs have linked college bars in Tallahassee, but that is about it.

Paul CorderStrong Towns Member
City of Lebanon, TN Planning Director

This is old (16yrs) but it is what I use if I need something.  Arthur Nelson has been doing some good work in other areas of planning so I trust him a little more than some other sources.

Planner's Estimating Guide: Projecting Land-Use and Facility Needs by Arthur Nelson106



Transit Moves People, Not Money

The nationwide decrease in transit ridership should be a wake-up call about how not to build public transportation in our cities.

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